Vidres adquiere Colores Cerámicos

Vidres acquires Colores Cerámicos

The prestigious company Vidres, SA has carried out an ambitious business operation in 2018, with the acquisition of Colores Cerámicos, a specialist colour manufacturer since 1989. This operation helped Vidres expand and consolidate its already extensive range of products, incorporating all kinds of colours and pigments.
  Vidres adds a new milestone to its successful trajectory that, from now on, in addition to creating and producing fried, enamels and other materials used in the ceramic tile industry, incorporates the ability to manufacture all kinds of pigments that enrich and brings added value to its already innovative cutting-edge products.
  The idea is that each of the firms act independently, but complementing each other, and keeping the Colores brand in action. The sum of the prestige and quality of Colores together with the guarantee and excellence of Vidres, constitute an extension of the capabilities of this firm to meet the increasingly demanding standards of the current ceramic market.

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